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Engineered and manufactured in Germany from the finest grade surgical steel, the Strauss Surgical antegrade suture passer is designed specifically for labral and rotator cuff repair. The suture passer offers a superior bite depth of 22mm and a working length of 170mm. The slim-line handle includes a ratchet design that can be engaged or disengaged per the surgeon's preference. In addition, two models exist so that the suture can be loaded from the middle or from the side. Sterile packed needles are available in boxes of six.

Linear Line

The Strauss Linear® Line of knee arthroscopic instruments is a model of thoughtful design and manufacture. Built for comfort and performance, no hinges or pins ensures high durability without compromising strength or cutting precision. The aerospace-grade aluminum handle reduces overall instrument weight by 60%; enhancing maneuverability while helping to lessen grip fatigue. The entire line features the lowest tip profile of open shaft instruments—just 1.9mm with open-shafts that are easier to clean and sterilize. When performance is on the line, go Linear®.


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