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4mm Bipolar Resection

The 4mm resection set features an extensive resectoscopic modular system build around supreme quality for use with bipolar current in saline solution (0.9% NaCl). The continuous flow rotatable sheath has all-round perforation allowing for better performing suction and irrigation system during surgical procedures. The instruments feature the quick-lock enabling the smooth exchange of procedural methods while maintaining the outer most sheath inside the patient. This eliminates the need for multiple instrumental insertions, reducing the patient's healing time after the procedure.


Our high definition endoscopes use as complex proximal and distal sapphire window system that is scratch free, less fogging and prevents corrosion and fluid invasion. Our scopes are made of low-maintenance non coated stainless steel body that is resistant to corrosion, rust and staining. The scope's body and sheath are laser-welded tightly to ensure The ocular portion of the scope is scratch-resistant insulated synthetic ocular objective and distal sapphire-window that prevents internal glass corrosion always ensuring a precise clearly defined image.


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